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Omni-Channel Marketing For Elite DTC Brands.

Master customer acquisition with us. The First “Zero loss” Growth Agency Made For DTC Brands that want to scale to their fullest potential Risk Free. In fact, we are 100% performance based, so you simply can’t lose when working with us.

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More Than An Agency

We know the feeling of being burned. We are obligated to be a risk free agency, because we are here to build a strong long-term relationship based on trust, and not to burn you down like others. All we want is for you to have the best experience possible, & if we can do that risk free, we are more than happy to do so, because having a great experience should not come at any price.

We believe that scaling comes through experience, and our media buying team has that in them. We are results driven, and that’s what we only care about - for you to achieve the best results possible for your brand, so you can scale to your fullest potential.

Don't worry, we are trusted by our partners.

Other Agencies

Don’t put 100% focus into your brand & your values.
Charge ridiculous and high fees to start with.
Don’t have a world-class media buying team with experience in DTC.
Don’t have access to a UGC network of world class creators.
Have slow and unreliable communication.
Have a slow and long onboarding process.
Don’t focus on building a long-term relationship.
We love and care about your brand as much as you do.
You don’t pay us a single cent until we generate results.
You will work with world class media buyers with years of experience in DTC.
You get access to our UGC network of world class creators.
We focus on fast & direct communication.
We provide a fast & easy onboarding process.
We are here to build a long lasting relationship that other agencies can’t provide.

What we offer to help you reach new heights

We are a omni-channel marketing agency as you may know, so we want to help you in every way possible to bring in more revenue fro your DTC brand. Here are what we offer to help you scale up your brand to new heights!

Most call it a "process" but we call it an "execution strategy" for predicted results.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can you guarantee me results?
Great question. We can’t guarantee an exact ROAS figure, but we can guarantee that you won’t pay us a monthly fee until we’re actually putting money in your pocket. We’re purely performance based.‍‍
How much will I need to spend on ads?
It all depends on your budget, so it would be ideal if we can hop on a call to discuss that.
How do I know your solution will work for me? Who hasn’t it worked for?
We’re not a fit for everyone, and that’s fine. The best way to find out whether or not we’ll be able to get you the results you deserve is to book in a call with us. We’ll tell you honestly if we think you’re a good fit.
Will I be frequently updated? How are you going to keep me in the loop?
Communication is key! We take it very seriously at CeriumCommerce. We will use Slack as the main channel for communication.You’ll also receive video updates every week. We’ll cover what happened the week prior and what the plan is for the current week. You’ll also get access to a live performance dashboard. It’ll pull live stats in from Google & present them in a digestible and intuitive dashboard.
Can you work alongside my existing marketing team?
We can indeed! Large brands with established marketing departments come to us for help with paid advertising specifically.
What if we’re not established enough to work with you yet?
There’s only one way to find out whether or not we can help you at your current scale… Book in a call with us to discuss that! If we determine that you’re currently not qualified to come on board, we’ll give you a chance to get coaching from our team, because you deserve it!

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Don't hesitate to book in a call, it's a 30 min demo call only to see if we can be a good fit for you.